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hutchinsb216723       The primary purpose of this blog is to provide information via links that I think will benefit my students.   Also, it serves as an example of a professional blog or web site.  Please enjoy and make comments  or post a blog under the CJ blog.

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“What about the children?”



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Former Inmates of San Quentin State Prison

I recently attended the American Society of Criminology’s 67th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Former inmates of San Quentin State Prison who participated in the Prison Univeristy Project were featured speakers for the Division on People of Color and Crime luncheon.

Very interesting to hear their prospectives!


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Congrats Team Justice!

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How you can help:

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

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My column:



When abuse hits home

By Bessie W. Hutchins
Guest Columnist
Monday, March 16, 2009 11:44 AM CDT
For weeks now, the online, print and broadcast worlds have been abuzz with leaks, rumors and very strong opinions regarding the alleged domestic violence incident involving R&B singer Chris Brown and his pop songstress companion Rihanna….  http://tinyurl.com/cw495g

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