“What about the children?”


I first watched this video during a Children Defense Fund Summit, and became interested in the dismantling of cradle to prison pipelines.



8 thoughts on ““What about the children?”

  1. I enjoyed the video! This a wake up call for this young generation. Crime is not to be glorifed. We are losing these kids to the prison system each day.

  2. Great video! The TV series Lockup on MSNBC always feature San Quentin inmates and hard times. The Prison University Project was most helpful for me to veiw something positive coming out of San Quentin.

  3. After watching the San Quentin Prison videos, I learned the prison is constructed of 4 cell blocks which is 5 tiers high. This is a very old, outdated, and over-crowded prison. The correctional officers always have contact with the inmates, making the job very dangerous. A pod consist of 2 officers and 130 inmates with various criminal offenses. The most dangerous place at San Quentin is the exercise yards because all the gang members are in the same locale at the same time. The state of California is spending a billion dollars to renovate the prison. San Quentin has a popuation of 6,000 inmates and 581 inmates are on death row. This was also the only on-site degree-granting institution but the 1994 Violent Crime Control Act effectively ended education in the facility. There is a division of people and crime in the prison. Racial tension is an ongoing problem along with various gang members. For example, Red, a white Aryon Brotherhood gang leader once stated, “If you ain’t white, you ain’t right.” These powerful gang leaders were accused of helping to kill 2 brothers 1500 miles away while being on lockdown in the most secured maximum security prison setting. Mexican Mafia, Black Guerilla Family, and The Brands are a few of the prison gangs identified. San Quentin’s Peckerwoods was a white gang who were parole breakers. Berry Mills, Terry Bingham, and Thompson were 3 killers who were branded Mafia in prison. Snoop Dogg (famous rapper & entertainer) visited San Quentin State Prison advocating Tookie Williams whom he felt was an innocent prisoner serving a wrongful sentence. (saveTookie.org and http://www.streetgang.com) Snoop was once a Cripp gang member but a man name Stanley inspired him to contact young kids on the streets and tell them to not shoot, kill, and rob people. What inspired me most about this video was the alarming number of males incarcerated at this prison. A significant number of these are repeat offenders. I feel many of the prisoners at San Quentin State Prison find this is their only alternative to life because life outside of prison would be dysfunctional.

  4. The CDF slideshow is a reality check to remind society that our children is in dire need for love, attention, emotional and moral support, knowledge, parental guidance,and direction because we are losing our children to crime, gangs, mental illness, and drugs. This video and song is a very powerful piece that will make a strong impact on many.

  5. If i had to choose one word to express my reaction to the video, it would have to be ” deprived”. After watching this video i realize i, myself have to ask what about the children? This video reflects on broken homes that are destroyed by drugs, jail, sex, and violence. It shows that the adult doesn’t think about their actions effecting the child(ren). In the video, it shows how children get lost in the world and have to defend theirselves the best way they know how. Also, it shows how easily one mistake can ruin a child life and change it forever. The video shows stealing, drugs, and manipulation that the children have to endure, just to try to survive. Overall I really enjoyed the video, it gives me a better perspective on what children are dealing with on daily basis

  6. What about the Children video really opens your eyes to what the next generation may be facing in the near future We can not keep losing our younger generation to the prison system. This is a great video.

  7. This video was very touching along with the song. It is rare when we put ourselves in the shoes of those who are coming up behind us. Children need guidance and sometimes they will stray but we need to steer them in the right direction. The video is touching and tells the story of many young people today.

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